November 7, 2022 - What You Do Tomorrow Does Matter


NOVEMBER 7, 2022

The 2022 midterm elections are tomorrow. Elections are extremely important, and the results will impact every one of us.  Whether you chose to vote or not tomorrow matters. This election is about more than who will represent us in Washington D. C., we must also elect our state, county and city representation. That’s why it’s we must all vote.


Five best Reasons I found for voting!


It’s your right. Not voting is giving up your voice. American citizens over the age of 18 are entitled to vote in federal and state elections, but voting was not always a right for all Americans.  

  • 1869 -The 15th Amendment was passed allowing black men to vote.
  • 1869 -The 19th Amendment was passed allowing women to vote.
  • 1964 -24th Amendment eliminated the poll tax removing measures put in place to make it difficult for minorities to vote.
  • 1965 -Voting Rights Act ended Jim Crow Laws
  • 1971 - Voting age was lowered from age 21 to 18, based on the idea that if a person was old enough to serve their country in the military, they should be allowed to vote.

It took many years of marching, protesting, and fighting for all of us to have the right to vote. Use your right. Exert your power


Every vote matters. Elections have consequences. As Americans, we have the power to make key decisions on our quality of life as well as our family’s’ and our community’s’. Voting is our chance to stand up for the issues we care about.


When people choose not to vote, it might mean that important local issues are being controlled by a limited group of voters. While certain local issues may seem popular, and seem like a sure thing, they can fail if people don’t vote.


It's your money, shouldn’t you have a say in how it’s being spent?

One way or the other, every person in our community pays taxes – both citizens and non-citizens. Still, most people don’t understand how that money is being used. Voting is your chance to choose how your tax dollars are spent. This happens both through your vote on specific ballot measures, and how those we elect to leadership positions commit to supporting services in our communities.


Voting is an opportunity for change. Do you want to make a positive impact in your community? Voting can do that. To have a say in who gets to determine local, and state and federal agendas, it’s crucial that we all vote.


Your community depends on you! Our communities are made up of family, friends, neighbors, and children. Some may not know how important voting is, while others perhaps cannot vote. Be a voice for yourself and those around you.


Before You Vote, Get informed. 

Read up on issues and figure out where you stand. Our local League of Women Voters offer helpful information about what to expect on this year’s ballot.

Click Here for Voter Information 

Imagine Mural


Leadership Donors, Volunteers and Board members joined artist Dan Weimer and UWGWP staff to present the completed mural.


Representing change, progress and working together- Dan's message was perfect to welcome all people to United Way's new office on Old West Main Street.



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Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is Now Accepting Proposals to Strengthen Resilience & Protective Factors


The Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is announcing a possible three year funding opportunity, beginning July 1, 2023. The mission of the Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is to work in partnership to build strong families and resilient children. The Collaborative Board is accepting proposals to fund projects that strengthen resilience & protective factors of families, schools, and communities.


Protective factors are:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections
  • Concrete support
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Social and emotional competence in children
  • Nurturing and attachment

Applications will be accepted from public schools, governmental agencies, and 501(c)(3) organizations the serve Goodhue County. Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 2, 2022.




Questions about this opportunity can be directed towards the Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative Coordinator, Maggie Cichosz, at

Volunteer Needs

Call if interested 651-388-6309

or email:



Saturday Morning Early Birds: 10-12 people to help us form a human conveyor belt to move some forgotten files from the basement at our old office to our new office. It won't take long but it will be early Saturday morning.


Wish List Item - Folding cart for moving items to and from events.





" Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the people and burn their behinds,

then they will have to sit on their blisters.” 

Abraham Lincoln



Personally, my number one reason for making sure I get to the polls to vote is so that I can complain with integrity. My dad always taught me that if I didn't get involved in the process then I had no right to complain about the outcome. So, I vote so I can speak my opinion.


Thanks for reading


Maureen Nelson

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