November 14, 2022 - Every Day of the Year

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

Anyone who has worked at one of the area’s major employers is aware of the United Way Annual Workplace Giving Campaign. For many years this was the main source of funding for United Way programs and initiatives in the communities we serve. But, as Minnesota’s own, Bob Dylan wrote so long ago, “the times they are a changin...”


Indeed, they are. Major employers are finding it difficult to fill positions so have fewer employees. Because of the shortfall in hiring, the employees that are working have more on their plates than ever before and the time for pulling people off of line or floor to listen to a United Way appeal is no longer an option. Philanthropic giving is changing with our demographics. New donors want a more personal giving experience. We are trying to provide just that.


Welcome United 365, a new program that allows small business owners to become part of big solutions. Small business owners deal with community issues as much as their larger counterparts... and they live in the community as well. We’ve seen a big change in corporate leadership commuting to work from out of town. That is not to say they don’t care about the communities they work in - they definitely do! They just don't live here.


Small business owners are here, raising their families, frequenting the businesses of others, and being concerned citizens. Many were born here, other chose to move here to open their businesses. They get asked every day for donations for events. Most often events that impact one person, one family, one team, one church community. This year, for the first time, we are offering an easy opportunity to impact the health of the entire region.


United 365 offers small business owners an affordable opportunity to join their larger community employers in attacking issues that are impacting their community. Together, they can leverage the funding and the collective voices to make real change. For just one dollar per day, they can direct their gift to an issue that they want to see addressed. United 365 gives them the power to make improvements in the life of their community. In response we will help them promote their caring for community by using our access to people to get the word out about their business and their support.


Look for this United 365 label in the window or door of local businesses. This logo means they believe in their community, they support their community, and they are fighting to improve the lives of those they live, work and worship with. Honor their commitment by becoming a customer of a business displaying this logo. They are working to help you – help them back!




Indigo Salon on 3rd St in the heart of downtown Red Wing, is the first United 365 partner. Owner Andy Nelson bought the salon in early 2022 and was eager to become involved with United 365. Andy cares about people in the region, especially people experiencing homelessness and hunger. He has stated he just cannot think about children who don't have the food they need to grow healthy and strong.


Having been a customer of Indigo Salon for many years, I knew Andy would be a good person to test the program. He signed up right away, before we were even ready to launch the program and we are so grateful to have him. He tested our forms and concepts and gave us terrific feedback. We can't thank him enough!


From their website "Indigo Salon is a part of the Aveda Salons and Spas network, which are founded on the common mission of caring for you and caring for our world around us. Our salon/spa teams are trained to serve your every need and expertly care for you.


We love offering our clients a personalized experience in the salon, including a full beverage menu and our signature AVEDA Comforting Tea™ to enjoy during your time with us."


A Gift Certificate from Indigo Salon is a perfect Holiday Surprise for anyone on your list!

Stop by our office with your Give to the Max Day Donation and enjoy some hot cider and sweet treats between 9am and 4pm.

 Play a game of Plinko while you are here to win a surprise!


Cannon Falls Rotary Sponsors First

United Way Blue Bookshelf

When Bonnie Lodermeier, pictured here filling the new bookshelf, contacted United Way about the Cannon Falls Rotary Club sponsoring a shelf in Cannon Falls we were thrilled. Five Star Coin Laundry is hosting the bookshelf for all of the children who find themselves waiting for that dryer to finish.


Children can read as many books as they can while waiting and choose one to take home and keep. United Way provides the books, and The Cannon Falls Rotary provides member volunteers to keep the shelves filled.


Reading is the number one indicator of a child's academic success and enjoying a book with an adult is a great bonding experience. Thanks Cannon Falls Rotary for always caring about kids in your community1

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Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is Now Accepting Proposals to Strengthen Resilience & Protective Factors


The Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is announcing a possible three year funding opportunity, beginning July 1, 2023. The mission of the Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative is to work in partnership to build strong families and resilient children. The Collaborative Board is accepting proposals to fund projects that strengthen resilience & protective factors of families, schools, and communities.


Protective factors are:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections
  • Concrete support
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Social and emotional competence in children
  • Nurturing and attachment

Applications will be accepted from public schools, governmental agencies, and 501(c)(3) organizations the serve Goodhue County. Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 2, 2022.




Questions about this opportunity can be directed towards the Goodhue County Child & Family Collaborative Coordinator, Maggie Cichosz, at

Volunteer Needs

Call if interested 651-388-6309

or email:




" Alone we can do so little, TOGETHER we can do so much.” 

Helen Keller


Above my desk, there is a scrap of paper, torn from a notebook. It reads "no single agency can meet all of the needs." I wrote that while listening to a webinar. It was profound to me at the time, as my internal perfectionism still clung to the belief that through coordination and convening United Way could address every local issue. That was early in my UW life. I have since accepted that none of us can do anything totally alone. We need to work together if we are going to make any progress toward change. Inviting our small business owners to join the fight is a step in the right direction. They all care about community as much as we do, even more. Let's recognize those that support improving our community by supporting their businesses.


Imagine what we can do together!


Thanks for reading


Maureen Nelson

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